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Woodland Edges

Tall cedar planter box - 27” tall, 14.5” x 14.5” wide

Tall cedar planter box - 27” tall, 14.5” x 14.5” wide

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Please read this full description to know more about the beauty, versatility, durability, and special features of our planter boxes. We want you to know EXACTLY what you're getting when purchasing our product!

The look and feel of our homes, front porches, back patios, and gardens are all important to all of us. Having a beautiful, cozy, and low stress environment around us can make all of the difference. Unfortunately, it’s so hard to find good quality items that are not only versatile, but will last. Well built planter boxes are not easy to find, so styled that they don’t fit with the look and feel you’re wanting, or they’re priced so much higher than what they’re worth. But that’s not the case with our planter boxes! With these cedar planter boxes you can create a look and feel all of your own with ease as you switch out plants, or other decor, as the seasons change. The beautiful cedar wood fits in with any home or garden decor theme at all times of the year. Whether you have a covered place for these boxes, or your spot is out in the open, these planter boxes are built to last, and perfect for your space, anywhere it may be.

Special Features:

* Adjustable depths! We've designed this box so that you can raise, or lower the bottom of the inside of your planter. Obviously, some plants require more soil than others, or your decor items need a little more or a little less depth so as to properly decorate with your planter. Also, if you switch out plants or decor as the seasons change, you can continuously change and adjust the height to whatever works best for you!

* When shipping, we ship in 4 pieces that are very simple and easy to put together. Written instructions included. We do this to save you money, and to prevent breakage in the shipping box! 


Outside dimensions: 27” tall, 14.5” x 14.5” wide
Inside dimensions: 11.75” x 11.75” wide with 3 adjustable depths: 21.5", 14.5", 6.5"


Ships within 3 business days, and your product will arrive 3-5 business days after that. 

More special features:

*Made of cedar wood: Cedar is naturally weather resistant. If cedar is left outside without being sealed, they will eventually turn silver or gray, and weathered like most wood fences you see (Though it will not lose its structural integrity for a LONG time). Cedar is filled with acids and oils that hold its beautiful color. Eventually, the elements will wash away these acids and oils. The sealant we apply will preserve and hold the color - even in harsh environments. This sealant will last a few years, before a new application should be applied again. 

The sealant we use is Non-toxic, eco friendly, and VOC free. Even though it is non-toxic it will not leach into the soil, and prevents anything else on the wood leaching into the soil as well. It makes for a perfect environment for growing your own food with no risk of chemicals entering your food. It is also safe for pets to be around!

*Cedar wood, when left untreated, is also naturally resistant to most bugs. The acids and oils give off an aroma that is harmful and often fatal to these creatures.

***Important notes and policies***

- Each product we make is packaged with care and concern for breakage. Though it is rare, please let us know if your product arrives broken ASAP. Just shoot us a quick message and a photo of the broken product and box - We will ship a new product out swiftly!

- Flowers and other decor not included!

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Why Cedar?

  • Cedar is naturally weather/rot and bug resistant.

  • The wood color and grain is aesthetically pleasing. Whether you use the cedar inside or out, it goes with nearly all styles of decor.

  • The wood itself is strong and durable. Cedar is often used for decks, fences, and other things that require strength and durability.