Family owned and operated in Idaho, USA

With over 40 years of wood working and manufacturing experience combined, we’ve designed a versatile, functional, and quality lineup of home and garden decor. From furniture pieces and shelving to garden planters and window boxes, we are bringing our home to yours!

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Cedar Home and Garden Decor

Planters, window boxes, shutters, and more! Not all cedar is actually cedar.... 

Cedar Planter Boxes

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Why Western Red Cedar?

-Naturally Rot and Bug Resistant-

-Aromatically pleasing-

-Extremely aesthetic-

Why Woodland Edges?

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-Why not?-

Our Guarantee

  • 2-Week Order Refund or Replacement

    Once you receive your product, you will have 14 days to contact us! If your product is damaged in shipping, we will be happy to replace it! Simply send us an email and attach 2 or more photos of your product and will refund or send a replacement ASAP!


  • Lifetime Happiness

    Not really... But it goes really well with this section, don't you think? While we cannot guarantee a lifetime of happiness, we do hope that our products do bring you some joy when you receive them and put them to use!

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